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2016 Price

For our honey, we ask $3.65 (Canadian)/pound or $8.00 /kilogram plus container. We charge for the container on a cost recovery basis to encourage reuse. For any new container less than 3 kg, we also charge a small handling fee of 75 cents.

wildwood apiary in Manitoba

The 500 gram and the 1 kg. containers are clear glass jars with wide twist top lids. The larger 3 kg container is a heavy duty plastic pails with a carrying handle.

We don't recommend ice cream pails because once filled, their lids pop open easily and the honey spills.

ContainerTotal Price
500 gram$6.50
1 kg.$11.00
3 kg.$27.50
7 kg.$60.00

We can, under limited circumstances, deliver honey orders to a person's residence for a reasonable delivery charge if they live in Winnipeg. Please phone or email for more information.

Email your order: Please indicate container size, quantity, phone number and address.


Our honey is measured and dispensed using an approved and calibrated scale for consistency and accuracy.

Every crop of honey is tested with a refractometer to ensure the moisture content is correct. This measures the ability of the honey to be stored indefinitely at room temperatures. This year's crop is just over 16% moisture well under the 17.8% minimum.

Our honey is not pasteurized. It has not been subjected to heat that would destroy the organic properties imparted by the pollen and enzymes the bees used to create and store it in the honeycomb.